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Photography is an adventure. The art of playing with light both in the studio or in natural light fascinates me. The illusive transitory nature of natural light as it materializes on a day outside can be captivating. Then with a camera ready, madly snapping the shutter when the perfect moment finally arrives is exhilarating! Crazy stuff it is!! There are so many variables working with light, that if you took a photograph of a scene or object one day it could look totally different the next day depending on the time of day and of course the light. Capturing the energy of the light in that moment becomes the art. 

Inspiration is all around me.  Such as music, movies, travel and spending time with family and friends.  Travelling to other countries and and of course local road trips from my home give me a new perspective, thus I am always trying to find that magical moment of light where ever I end up.

I started out when film was the only medium.  The majority of my images on my website are from the film days. It is only in recent years that I have crossed over to digital photography and now primarily my photos are now shot in the digital realm. With the amazing low light capabilities of the new cameras and the astounding things you can do in post production it is a very exciting time to be a photographer.

One my strengths is in the abstract world of macro photography. An example is my studio work involving the macro photography of ice. It involves a technique which I have refined over the years using low wattage bulbs and now directional freezing. It also helps my photography addiction in the middle of Calgary's cold winters that's for sure!! Some of my macro photographs invite the surreal.  I like to see the reaction and wonderment that my abstract photos spark in people and how they can see or feel something totally different than others and myself. Part of my emphasis and inspiration comes from textures that are woven into materials through the passing of time.  Materials that are in flux such as metal, wood, ice, and stone.  I feel like I am almost bringing alive something that is overlooked and considered dormant by others, another world so to speak. The photograph will reveal its secrets and beauty when there is a connection with the subconscious. A popular piece of mine that seems to reflect my style would be “Nine Secrets”, an un-manipulated photo of a peice of metal shot on 35 mm color transparency film. Part of my idea is to create a beautiful image without revealing what it is, keeping it a bit of a mystery. "Nine Secrets" finished in the top 30 out of 3300 entries for Saatchi's of London on-line "Abstract Showdown"competition in 2013.


 Nine Secrets


A photograph captures a moment in time.  Everything will eventually change.  We are here for a short time and time marches on.  Time has stopped in a photograph.  A photograph saves its subject from growing old, saves it from dying.  While the process of making it is gone forever, the communication between the subject and the viewer remains. The photographer may be long gone, the camera obsolete, the process lost, and now all the excitement is about what is presented in the print.

-Keith Korsgaard


2019 "The Fence"  United Photo Industries -Installation 12th Ave S.E.  as part of the Exposure Photography Festival 

2018 Permanent Installation -Commissioned  for the University of Calgary, Department of Physics and Astronomy

2018  Open Call - " From the Other Side" selected as part of the  Exposure photography festival 

2016 "Quantum Entanglement"   Permanent Installation - Commissioned for F1rst Tower (Telus Building, 2nd floor) Downtown Calgary

2016, "One White Wall" Elevation Gallery, Canmore Alberta

2016,  Brookfield Homes

2015,  FosterMak spring art show -Fort Calgary

2014,  Feather Gallery

2013,  Exposure Photography Festival "Radiant Energy" Motion Gallery  
2009, Triangle Gallery of Visual Arts
2008, Triangle Gallery of Visual Art

2006 "Seven" Arthouse

2005,  Willow Studio
2004 ,  “Vision”, PhotoSpace Gallery, 
2004 -2005, Counterflux Art Gallery
2004,  PhotoSpace Gallery
2003, “Elements”, Willow Studio
2003, “Mix”, PhotoSpace Gallery
2002, Image 54 Fine Art Gallery
2002,  “Urban”, PhotoSpace Gallery

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