Keith Korsgaard is a photographer based in Calgary Alberta Canada.


Photography is an adventure. The art of playing with light both in the studio or in natural light fascinates me. The illusive transitory nature of natural light as it materializes on a day outside can be captivating. With a camera ready, then madly snapping the shutter when the perfect moment of light finally arrives is exhilarating! There are so many variables working with light. Taking a photograph of a scene one day could look totally different the next day depending on the time of day and of course the quality of the light. Composing and capturing the energy of the light in that perfect moment becomes the art. 

One my strengths and inspirations is in the intimate world of macro photography. An example is my studio work involving macro photography of ice. It involves a technique which I have refined over the years using low wattage bulbs and directional freezing. It also helps my photography addiction when I can only be inside due to Calgary's cold winters!

My abstract macro photographs invite the surreal.  I like to see the reaction and wonderment that my photographs spark in people and how they can see or feel something totally different than others and myself. Part of my emphasis and inspiration is photographing textures that are woven into materials through the passing of time.  I enjoy working with materials that are in a natural state of flux like metal, wood, ice, and stone.  I feel like I am bringing alive something that is overlooked and considered mundane by others, another world within a world. The abstract art of the photograph will reveal its secrets and beauty when there is an emotional connection with the viewers’ subconscious mind.

Part of my discipline in the abstract world is to capture and create a beautiful image without revealing what the subject matter is. The goal is to keep it a bit of a mystery on when viewing. Which in turn surprises the viewer when it is revealed as to what the subject matter actually is.

A photograph captures a moment in time.  Everything will eventually change.  We are here for a short time and time marches on.  Time has stopped in a photograph.  A photograph saves its subject from growing old, saves it from dying.  While the process of making it is gone forever, the communication between the subject and the viewer remains. The photographer may be long gone, the camera obsolete, the process lost, and now all the excitement is about what is left presented in the print. –Keith Korsgaard

Keith Korsgaard's work has been showcased in permanent installations and galleries over the years.  Some of which include:


  • “The Fence”, United Photo Industries New York
  • “Out There” Commissioned for the University of Calgary, Department of Physics and Astronomy
  • Open Call - " From the Other Side", audience favorite, Exposure Photography Festival
  • "Quantum Entanglement", Permanent Installation - Commissioned for the F1rst Tower TELUS Building
  • Saatchi Gallery London
  • "One White Wall", Elevation Gallery
  • "Radiant Energy", Motion Gallery 
  •  Triangle Gallery of Visual Arts
  •  "Seven", Arthouse
  •   Willow Studio
  •   PhotoSpace Gallery
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